Minimum of Quantity

1. What is Your Minimum of Quantity if We Want to Place Order?

    Generally Our Minimum of Quantity Is 1000 Pieces/Size/Color/Style, 3000 Pieces/Style. For Example, If You Want To Make 3000 Pieces Seamless T Shirts for 1 Style, The Best O.E.M service we can offer Is To Make It In 3 Sizes Like M, L, XL. Each Size 1000 Pieces, Meanwhile We Can Dye The T-Shirts in 3 Colors For You, That Is To Say, You Will Have 3 Colors In 3 Sizes or 3 Sizes In 3 Colors, Then You Will Get 112 Pieces/Color/Size.


2. If We Can Not Meet Your Minimum of Quantity, But We Really Want To Start Seamless Sportswear Business, Do You Have Any Good Solutions?

    Every Year We Will Develop At Least 10 Styles Seamless Sportswear With Function Yarns, If So, You Can Use Our Available Styles, and We Can Print Your Logo On, Mainly Heat Seal Printed.