Nike Dri Fit

1. What is Nike Dri Fit?
Dri Fit is the description of moisture wicking and quick dry polyester or blended microfiber fabric performance, it is a registered fabric brand by NIKE, but Nike is a sportswear brand, they do not have their own yarn spinning mills, fabric knitting / weaving factory, dyeing house --  why Nike fabric is called Dry Fit? or Adidas name their fabric ClimaCool?
First: Nike has their own strict standard for Dri Fit, the fabric must absorb a drop of water within 2 seconds, then check the wicking height and water diffusion area, after 30 minutes, check the moisture evaporation ratio.
Second: How to reach Nike dri fit performance?  Dri Fit fabric uses full-dull polyester microfiber such as 75D/72F, 75D/144F, 50D/72F...especially the yarn cross-section is like a " + ", which has more surface, so dries quicker, also their yarn strength is lower conventional polyester yarns, because in the spinning solution, there are special agents added in, that is why Dri Fit feels softer. Also in the fabric dyeing, must use top class dyestuff, during fabric heat setting-up, still need to add top quality moisture wicking chemical agent.
Then you will see:
Nike Dri-FIT fabric that moves sweat away from the body and to the fabric surface, where it evaporates. As a result, Dri-Fit keeps athletes cool, dry and comfortable.
Dri-Fit technology is used in a variety of Nike products including shirts, socks, pants, shorts, sweatshirts, hoodies, sleeves, hats, gloves and more.
2. Can We Buy Dri Fit Fabrics, Dri Fit Shirts, Dri Fit Shorts, Dri Fit Socks...from Your Company?
Dri Fit Knitted fabric MOQ is 500 Kgs Which Can Be Dyed In 2 Colors, for Dri Fit Woven Fabric We Need To Check The Yarns Are In Stock Or Not.